Sep 18, 2008

I promised everyone I would keep you up to date on where we stand with Ike. We made it through OK with just a little damage. Most people have it much worse than us! I can't even begin to describe how depressing it is here. Honestly I never thought I would agree with anything that came out of the mouths of someone who had to deal with Katrina, but when it comes to FEMA and the Red cross, they are both a joke. Over on the west side of Houston no one was here to help us. We had no way to cook, at the beginning not restaurants, no ice.... Not one of those groups were within 20+ miles of here. I would never give a penny to the red cross again! It's such a joke, and FEMA is ever worse! Here are some pictures I took, and one I found online ... It's the beach Kevin and I were married on.... now it's part of the ocean!!

Here are two of the kittens we are trying to find homes for sleeping as the house was being beaten to death by Ike. Look at it sleeping with my old cellphone... don't ask me why? (Hint Hint Anyone need a kitten?)

A street sign down the road bent in half

The school zone sign that was in the middle of the road on a pole. Now it's about 50 feet away stuck in the ground. Kevin dressed in his best clothes (ha ha) Needless to say we were running out of clean clothes there at the end.

The power line that was preventing us from getting power!!!

A depressing site ... now it's a dead tree

Our leak... nice huh?

The line down the road for gas. It went on and on... this was the same Chevron I paid $5 for a 12pack of Pepsi!! Bastards!

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