Jan 21, 2009

I got some energy today and decided to make homemade chicken broth. One of my blogging friends posted a great recipe for it. It's a much better way to go verses buying canned broth. First off it's homemade (you know what's in it) MUCH lower in sodium (the cans are loaded) and last I made 7 cups for less than the price of one can! I used chicken breast that needed to be stewed for other meals so that was basically free because it was just an addition, but removed for later dinners.

The carrots, celery (that was almost dead it was very wilted, but still good) mushrooms that were on their way out the door too, garlic and one large onion! The onion cost .12 the carrots cost .05 for each carrot and the celery was about .15 garlic was .05 mushrooms were .40. For less than .87 I made 7 cups of broth, and now it's in my freezer waiting to be used at any given time!
Here is the link: Homemade Chicken Broth Thank you Stephanie!!

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