Nov 17, 2010

My husband refers to my food storage containers as my “Redneck Tupperware.” The fact of the matter is if there is a plastic container that has come into my house with food in it I have always tried to reuse it like sour cream and cottage cheese containers until a few days ago. After reading a scary article about how dangerous it can be to re-use certain plastic containers I decided I better do some house cleaning

Clearly I was in desperate need to do so anyway because they were taking over the cabinet they were in. I had a laundry basket full of containers. Most were missing lids, or the lids were missing their containers. After inspecting the triangles on the bottom of some of my containers I realized I had many that needed to be thrown away. I think I will start sticking to Tupperware, Gladware, and Ziploc, and so on! Rubbermaid Premier are my favorite!!  Here is the article if you are interested!

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