Chicago Steak Company Review

Maybe it’s the Texan in me, but I am a meat eater through and through! I love just about any type of meat. It’s rare (no pun intended) that a night goes by when some type of meat isn’t served for dinner. I certainly would not make a good vegetarian.

I had heard from many friends how great the meat is from Chicago Steak Company, but I had never tried it myself. Chicago Steak Company generously gave me the chance to try out a nice selection of their products. Chicago Steak Company prides themselves in delivering the world’s finest meat, so I could not wait to try them out!

I will say I was impressed from the beginning. They delivered quickly, and their presentation is one of the best I have ever seen. When I opened the box I was greeted with their personal guarantee of freshness, and a nicely wrapped package. The meat was packed in a Styrofoam cooler to insure it made it to me still frozen, and inside each item was individually packaged. I was in love with Chicago Steak Company even before trying their products on presentation alone! I think presentation can make or break a product. So far I was sold.

I will be honest when I say that although we eat a lot of meat I don’t always know the best way of preparing meat on its own. I did a lot of research to insure that I prepared the meat so that it would be at its best.

There were a few things that stood out to me that I fell are important to mention:
  •  The meat is individually wrapped so that you can cook it as you need it. 
  • The meat is boxed individually chicken in one box, pork in another, and so on. 
  • The meat packaging is labeled so that you will know exactly what you are cooking before you cook it.
  • The meat is vacuumed sealed for freshness, and in many cases the proper cooking temperature is provided.

The first meat selection I chose to make was the beautiful pork chops. They were the most beautiful pork chops I had ever seen. Since they were about an inch thick I decided to butterfly them, and stuff them with homemade bread dressing.  They turned out fabulous… juicy and tender and full of flavor. Chicago Steak Company clearly isn’t just about steaks! They have the best pork chops I have ever eaten. 

I am not much of a fan of homemade hamburgers because they always seem to be either too fatty no matter what grade of beef I buy, or dry, and tasteless. I decided it couldn’t be the meat, it had to be me. After making the Chicago Steak Company’s burgers I decided it wasn’t me because these burgers came out perfect! Not only were they full of flavor, they were not fatty, and very juicy! Wow you can’t find this kind of hamburger meat in the grocery stores? 

I had never had flat iron steak so I was looking forward to trying this piece of meat. It was worth the wait to try a Chicago Steak Company flat iron steak because it was incredible. I decided to grill this beauty. Within just a few minutes on each side this flat iron steak was grilled to perfection! Juicy doesn’t even begin to describe it! Even after letting the flat iron steak sit after cooking the juices flowed out of it when it was being cut! Perfection! 

I love boneless chicken breast so I couldn’t wait to try Chicago Steak Company’s chicken. To my surprise the chicken was pre-marinated, and had a wonderfully smoky flavor. I decided to cook the chicken breast on the stove top grill. They turned out great!! They cooked quickly and were super juicy and flavorful. My husband and I were wishing we had more to put in a salad. Yumm! I wasn’t sure if I would like the smoky marinade on the chicken, but it was an excellent addition! 

Chicago Steak Company’s rib eye again came out perfect. Just a few minutes on the grill and this rib eye was wonderful. It was tender, and full of flavor. I was fearful that somehow I would ruin this delightful piece of meat, but once again I did my homework and it turned out fantastic. I think I love rib eye even more now than I did before. 

Last, and certainly not least, the New York strip steaks. One world WOW! My favorite cut of meat is a New York Strips Steak, and Chicago Steak Company did not let me down, in fact, they have the best New York Strips Steak I have ever eaten. I have never had the courage to make them myself, but in this case I gave it a shot, and perfection was the result. I am in love! You can’t beat a great steak, but this steak far surpassed anything I have ever eaten. I was regretting sharing with my husband. 

What can I say about Chicago Steak Company that I haven’t already said? They offer fresh meat that they obviously take pride in. From the packaging to the cooked product the Chicago Steak Company provides quality products that can be ordered and shipped to your home in just a few days. Visit to place your order.
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