Jan 5, 2011

When my little buddy Gizmo was left on my doorstep by his brothers and sisters he was about 6 weeks old and in bad shape. I am assuming they realized he needed help and that he could not longer keep up with them because he was being blinded by his eye infection. When I walked out in the morning he was by the door but ran away. He moved so quickly I didn’t realize he was in distress. A few hours later when I got home with my husband he was back. Kevin caught him and brought him in the house. He was extremely malnourished, both of his eyes had an infection, and he was covered in fleas and mites. We got him cleaned up and fed. I got his eye infection cleared up within 3 days with some drops I already had and the vet gave him drops for his mites. He has now been a permanent resident of our home now for almost 5 month. Gizmo is happy, healthy, and a member of our family. He loves helping me work on my laptop. He literally works on it. It’s next to impossible to get much done while Gizmo is helping, but it sure is nice to see him happy!

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