Mar 15, 2011

I read an article yesterday about the Starbucks CEO and that got me to thinking about the whole concept of Starbucks and the relationship I have with them. I have a love hate relationship with Starbucks.

I love them because I love their frozen drinks. I love having them in my hands and slurping them down on a hot Houston summer day, or even having a nice hot coffee or hot chocolate on a cold wet winter day. They smell good, and taste great! My favorite drink at Starbucks is their Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino. It’s wonderful, and no matter how hard I try I can’t quite replicate it, but I am close!!

What I hate about Starbucks is their coffee really isn’t THAT good and when I say THAT good I mean $5’s of good!  Of course when you think about it most “coffee houses” have over priced coffee. I even noticed that McDonald’s coffee is starting to reflect the Starbucks prices, or in some cases they are closing in on them. On the grand scheme of things in my opinion Starbucks coffee is watered down tasting, and it makes me choke each time they tell me how much I owe them. Maybe I have grown too cheap for Starbucks?

With all of that being said I don’t completely avoid Starbucks, but by no means am I their number one customer. I never thought a thing about paying their prices until I married my husband who is a BIG coffee snob. He doesn’t mind paying $25 a pound for a bag of good coffee (Seriously), but he will not pay $5 for Starbucks. They $25 a pound coffee is the best coffee I have ever had, but it’s still something we don’t have often. We have it in the house, but we don’t drink it daily.

What are your Starbucks feelings? Do you love them, hate them, or like me… both?

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