May 18, 2011

My husband generously gave me a wonderful camera for my birthday. Since then I have been attempting to learn how to use it. I must admit it’s much harder than it looks. I took these pictures a few night ago and love how the turned out. Creepy yet awesome at the same time.

My husband had gone outside to get the trash ready for the morning pickup. I followed behind him to see what the weather was like. I was so excited to see the moon right in front of my house. It seems like very time I check it's behind the house and in a position that would be next to impossible to shoot.

I ran back in the house really excited to get some moon pictures. I ran back outside with my camera only to find the moon hidden behind a ton of clouds. I was so mad!

I decided to give it a few minutes because I could tell the clouds were moving quickly! I decided to just start shooting to see what would happen.

I love how all the pictures turned out. They look creepy and amazing all at the same time. I never thought I would be able to get pictures of the moon to turn out so incredible! 

Here is to another "Wordless" Wednesday!

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