Aug 3, 2011

Kevin and I spent last week in New Orleans hanging out with my cousin and his wife. New Orleans is a special city to Kevin and I because our fist vacation was spent there. We try to get back there every year we live about 5 hours away.

I love New Orleans for many reasons! It’s an amazing city with so much heart, soul, culture, music, and amazing food! You feel the history in the air as you walk around. I come from a long time of Cajun and Creole people so New Orleans is very close to my heart.

This is always my favorite stop The St. Louis Cathedral which is the oldest Cathedral in use in the United States.  Walking into the Cathedral takes you to a different place in time. Being Catholic I would love to renew or wedding vows at St. Louis Cathedral, but it’s very pricey to get married there.

The architecture is amazing! It’s very time period and beautiful.  The French Quarter is fully restored and impossible not to fall in love with. To say you feel the spirits in the air in New Orleans is an understatement! 

It’s rare to walk around the French Quarter and not hear live music playing in one form or another. This gentleman caught my attention because he was playing the “Pink Panther” theme song on his clarinet. Who knew the “Pink Panther” theme song could sound so beautiful. Kevin went and talked to him and added a few bucks to his bucket. He told Kevin he was just doing what he had to do to make ends meet. 

 Last, but certainly not least my very favorite place for a snack in New Orleans is Café Du Monde! They are famous for the Beignets and Café ole’. A warm fried donut slathered in powdered sugar … to die for!

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