Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesdday: Storage

Wordless, unexplainable, or depressing? Ha! Our storage unit is a menagerie of mess! We have multiple boxes of every holiday you can think of, stuff for every sport Kevin plays (hockey, tennis, golf, and so on) stuffed toys, rabbit cage, cat carriers, the list goes on! We have been trying to put as much stuff in storage as possible to make our move at the end of September as smooth as possible. My goal by the end of August is to have everything in storage but furniture, clothes, a few pots and pans, and the pets!

Thanks to my wonderful mom last weekend she and I spent an entire day taming this wild beast. This picture looks like a work of art compared to what it looked like before. Before she and I started our storage unit was a nightmare. Nothing was organized, and we didn’t know what was in any box. The entire storage was a large pile of junk!

Now each box is numbered and every item and box number has been entered into an Excel document. It looks incredible. Now we actually have a ton of room to add more. Before she and I started it appeared to be full. We pay over $100 a month for our storage unit. I wonder how many $1000’s of dollars of junk we have store in there that we keep paying for over and over each month.

It’s an ever revolving work in progress!!

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Alison @ Under the Big Oak Tree said...

This looks great! Wonderful job! You should be really proud of yourself!

Wish you and your mom could help me with my basement! It's looking like an episode of hoarders! (blush)

What is that blue thing? Looks like Sully Monster!

Alison @ Under the Big Oak Tree said...

Eeep! I just enlarged the photo and THAT IS is big giant Sully Monster! <3 LOVE HIM!!!