Sep 8, 2011

Here is one of my MUST HAVE items: 

These goggles ROCK! I know you are sitting there going.... "Ummm WHY?" Check out the Pink Onion Goggles. I love these goggles!! I hate cutting up onions because my eyes water so bad that I have tears running down my face... makeup going all over... it's insane!

I was lucky enough to get a pair of these for Christmas and I must say I use them just as much as my oven because I put onion in just about everything. I don’t have any problems with tears now that I have these little beauties!

Finally, a tear-free solution for chopping onions! These goggles have fog-free clear lenses and a foam seal that protects the eyes from irritating onion vapors. Pink frames in unisex design. Fits most face shapes. Pink Onion Goggles

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