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I feel like I have been given an extraordinary gift of being able to share Taylor’s Gift with all of Colie’s Kitchen readers.  I have watched so many videos that were made by Taylor and her friends that I actually feel like I know her. Not only was Taylor a beautiful girl with an expressive face, shocking blue eyes, and a funny personality, but she was also a friend to many, and a gift to the world.

This amazing young lady lost her life during a skiing accident in Colorado when she was only one month shy of her 14th birthday. Although Taylor was taken from this world much too soon she was able to save five lives through organ donation. Her parents were asked if they were willing to donate Taylor’s organs in hopes of saving other people’s lives. Through their generous donation Taylor continues to live on through five other people.

The Storch family launched Taylor’s Gift, a foundation dedicated to increasing organ donation awareness to re-gift life, renew health and restore families. Taylor’s story has touched millions of hearts all over the country and the world, especially after national television audiences witnessed an emotional moment when Taylor’s mom Tara was able to hear Taylor’s heart beating inside the woman whose life she saved.

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