Nov 16, 2011

I think Wordless is being too kind to my office… disaster zone, nightmare, disgusting, embarrassing!

My office is a complete mess. As you can see from the table below I have
  • Food in bags ready to go to the food pantry on Friday
  • Towels waiting to be washed that were used to clean up a split drink
  • Jell-O because I was making sure I had what I needed to Thanksgiving and somehow it managed to follow me from the kitchen to the office,
  • Vitamins because I can never remember to take them. Mind you they have been on my desk for three weeks and I haven’t taken one yet even though they are right in front me
  • Magazines, circulars, coupons, pens, paper, recipes, paper clips, general use clips, hairbrush, soda cap, philosophy book, pencil box, check to be deposited, water bottle and of course my trust backpack.

Can you say…. This person needs a vacation from school? LOL What a nightmare!! I have 6 days off from school for Thanksgiving my goal is to have a clean, and PACKED office for the move!!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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