Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

I don’t like to refer to myself as cheap so I will say I am frugal. I hate spending big bucks on things we use every day.  I love to have foaming hand soap in the bathroom, but I hate to pay refill prices. In the kitchen I have the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System which I refill myself also. I decided to find a way to refill my foaming hand soap dispenser that I purchased at Target. I paid around $2.50 for the initial foaming soap dispenser and of course it came filled, but I wasn’t going to pay the money they wanted to refill it. After 2 minutes of research I found a “recipe” and instructions on how to make my own. I walked to the bathroom with a measuring spoon, cup, and dish soap and 1 minute later I had foaming soap! Simple Simple Simple! Cheap! If you want something that smells better than dish soup you can use Bath and Body Works Shower Gel or even the Body Shop Shower Gel. Whatever makes you happy! I made pumpkin spice soap today using the Body Shop Shower Gel. 

You will need:
  • 1 empty foaming hand spa dispenser
  • 3 TBS Clear (very important) liquid soap (body wash, hand soap, dish washing soap, shampoo)
  • 2/3 Cup water

1.      Add the 3 TBS of clear liquid soap to your foaming hand soap dispenser
2.     Add the 2/3 Cup of water
3.     Close up your your foaming hand soap dispenser and gently move the soap and water around so that they will mix well. Do not shake! Gently combine the water and the soap.
4.     Test your foaming hand soap dispenser to insure it works
5.     Enjoy!

    Check Out Our Online Recipe Book:


    hiker mom said...

    That is so cool. I was wondering how to refill those dispensers with something that would actually foam. How in the world did you refill your no touch system? I have tried but couldn't figure it out.

    Jessi said...


    10750coupons said...

    We've done this also - but you're much more exact about it. I just usually fill the container about 1/4 with soap and top with hot water. Since the kiddos empty the dispenser about every week or so, I'm not to concerned about the exact proportions........

    Colie's Kitchen said...

    Hiker Mom I refilled the touch system by putting a hole in the top of the soap container. I punched a hole in it with a knife and with a screw driver I made a round hole. I take a small funnel and refill it, then I put a small cork in the hole.

    HT said...

    When you say "clear" do you just mean not creamy? Most of the products you referred to are colored not clear.

    Colie's Kitchen said...

    I apologize the word "clear" is confusing... how about translucent is that better? Yes if it helps... you don't use any product that is "creamy" or something you can't see through. Trying something "translucent" as in something that allows light to shine through. I hope that helps ;-)