Jan 17, 2012

I was reading online last night that the Burger Kings in the Washington DC and Maryland area are doing a test market for Burger King home delivery.  They are guaranteeing to get your food to you hot and your fries nice and crispy! I would love to see if that actually happens. I can’t get them home crispy when I got get them myself. I hate soggy fries. We have pizza joints that deliver here in my neighborhood up to 2am why not burgers?  

Personally I love the idea of Burger King home delivery because I can’t always get out because of one thing or another or the weather is crummy or whatever. For a $2 charge I would be up for it occasionally. 

I can’t tell you how many pizza joints we have that deliver but unfortunately we don’t have anything else that delivers not even Chinese food. I envy people who have that option!

So what are your thoughts? Would like you like see Burger King home delivery in your neighborhood? Would you utilize their services? This is not an endorsement or anything like that I am just curious about what your thoughts are! Here is the original article I found on www.usatoday.com.

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