Feb 15, 2012

Finally our new dryer is here rain and all!!  It was pouring the day it was delivered and it was soaked, but it made it.

Nope, this dryer isn’t fancy and it certainly wasn’t expensive, but it’s a huge upgrade from the dryer I had! Heck working is an upgrade. It’s much bigger, with a buzzer and a light on the inside, and it’s also brand new! My old one was 10 years old.  I have a heavy blanket that would have to dry for 3 hours in my old dryer in this dryer it took 70 minutes! Wahoo!! That is awesome!!

I got a sweet deal on it. I paid $399 for it at Lowes with free delivery after price matching it from a Best Buy sale. Best Buy was sold out so Lowes gave me their sale price. It saved me $150.00… not bad!  Getting it from Lowe’s was more drama than it was worth and to be honest with you I would never buy an appliance from Lowes again. They had my order so messed up. They tried to deliver it incorrectly twice, the third time it was finally right. I placed the order on a Friday and it should have been delivered on that Monday instead it took 2 weeks because they couldn’t get it right. But it’s here and I am happy to have it.

Like I said it’s not a fancy one, but it works for what I need it for. I didn’t want to spend a lot on a new dryer. Since we moved our utility room is not on the inside anymore, but on the outside. You have to go out a sliding glass door to get to the utility room. Although the room is not exposed to the outside elements it’s totally enclosed, but it’s not air conditioned so it can be warm and humid in there.  Spending $900 on a dryer didn’t make sense. Plus I don’t use much on the dryer other than hot, high and on lol!

You have no idea what you have until it stops working!! Oh happy day!!

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