Mar 28, 2012

Although I think Minnesota is the most boring and overpriced place on earth ($7 for a Red Baron Pizza? Seriously? Ha!) I had a good time at these places… Honest during Spring Break and winter there isn’t much to do. If you are going to venture to Minnesota do so during the summer. If someone can suggest some fun places to go please do I will take all of the suggestions I can get! I am not trying to knock your state, but dang…

I have to go there at least once a year because my husband’s family lives there. Even if you ask the people there what to do for fun they don’t have any ideas, or they say driving to Minneapolis (2o minutes away) is too far, in their opinion Mall of America is the greatest place on earth, and vacationing means driving 45 minutes away to go camping or going to Wisconsin to go camping… ugh! The happening spots at 10pm... Wal-Mart, Cub Foods, and McDonalds.  That’s not for me!  The food… don’t get me started!

I guess I come from too big of a city with too much to do to take a step back into small town USA!

Como Zoo

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden


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