Polly Pocket Hangout House and Stick N Play Room Review

One of The Princess’s favorite things to play with has always been Polly Pocket. She has outgrown a lot of toys but Polly Pocket seems to be one of the few things that she never seems to lose interest in. I think what she loves most about Polly Pocket is the size and has since she was about 3 or 4 years old. She loves that the pieces are small and detailed and they travel well. With us this is a must because we travel a lot so we are always looking for things to take with us that travel and hold her interest.
One thing I have always loved about watching her play with Polly Pocket is how imaginative she becomes with the pieces and the dolls. Her creativity really shines through with her Polly Pocket sets. I have even seen her adding additional things that she finds around the house to the area she sets up her Polly Pockets sets. For instance she will use spool of thread for extra chairs and I have even seen her add eraser and cat toys. I have no idea why she adds some of the things she does, but I can tell she feels they are quite important to her setup.
Admittedly, I will tell you that I love Polly Pocket too. The pieces are so cute and so detailed. I really have to fight the urge to want to play with them myself. I even caught my Mom checking out her Polly Pocket sets. My Mom love Polly’s dog LOL.
When we were given the opportunity to try out a new Polly Pocket set we were very excited. Yes, WE were very excited my Mom, The Princess and myself LOL. We received Hangout House and the Kitchen… You know I loved the kitchen!

The Hangout House is precious! This place is every girls dream house! It comes complete with a swimming pool, elevator, bathtub and toilet, a swing for the inside of the house and a table and chairs, accessories and of course Polly and her pet! Who wouldn’t want a swing in their house… oh yeah and an elevator!! This is my dream house!

The Kitchen is super cute too It comes with a oven, table and chairs, a dog, a multilayer cake, a pie in the oven a mixer (LOVE) and a friend of Polly’s who is holding a pan of baked cookies … The Princess called her Kelly?  What’s really cute about the kitchen is it attaches to the Hangout House. You can also add a Patio and a Game Room to the Hangout House, both of which have already been put on The Princess Birthday list by the way. 😉
One of the coolest things about Polly Pockets Hangout house is the fact that everything is “stick and play” which means everything included has tiny little suction cups on them so that the pieces will stay in the places you put them! So cute!! It would never fail in other toys she has that as soon as she would get everything set up it would get bumped and pieces would go everywhere! Not with the “stick and play” pieces they stay where you stick them! This is genius!
The Princess and I are both excited to add the additional pieces to the Hangout House and Kitchen!
For details on the full Polly Pocket line visit: www.pollypocket.com.
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Alison @ Under the Big Oak Tree

We’re a Polly Pocket family, too! Although, I haven’t bought a set for my little one yet (we’re thinking she’ll be ready by Christmas, my nieces grew up with Polly Pocket sets from me for most occasions from birthdays to Valentine’s Day to Christmas! I loved finding reasons to get them some Polly sets, just so I could play, too!