Oct 17, 2012

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays it’s barley second to Christmas. I grew up with a Halloween nut in my Dad so he always made it very special for me. I love carrying on the Halloween tradition of decorating, celebrating and having fun with it. 

We are gearing up for Halloween around here slowly but surely! Here are some of our Halloween decorations from around our home. I haven't even taken out everything we have. A lot of the stuff we use to decorate with is the same stuff I had when I was a kid.

I love this new sticky witch decor. I found it at Hobby Lobby this year for $3.00 it's so cute and makes such a good decoration. It's easy to put up and turned out precious. I love it. These are the doors from the living room leading to my husband man cave! 

Dining room table decor. The bowl I found at Home Good for $12 it's beautiful. The pic does not do it justice. The witch is a Wiltons Cake decoration.

I love these little ghost I have them hanging above the table on clear string. I have had them for years.

This is the television we have in the living room that never gets used. We watch the flat screen in my husband’s man cave. I don’t think this television has been turned on since the summer time sad huh? I decided since we don’t use it I would use it to hold decorations. 
Here are just a bunch of things we have collected over the years. The pumpkin on the far right I made when I was about 8 years old. It’s not a perfect paint job but it’s special. I got the eye balls at Cracker Barrel a month or so ago. They are cute!

The pumpkin man on the left was made by my dad when I was a kid. I normally put a candle in him so that his eyes glow. He is pretty special to me.

This wreath is still in the process of being made. Yes, as always we are running far behind. This has become a family project that is quickly getting out of hand and very expensive. We have all put a little bit of this and that into this wreath. When it’s finally done I will get it posted for you all to see. It’s going to be so cute when it’s done.  Maybe (hopefully) I will have it done for the wordless Wednesday on Halloween.

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