*CLOSED* Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce Giveaway!! WINNERS: Kelly and Karla

I have shared with you all in the past how much I love Country Bob’s products. One of my favorite products is their Season Salt. I love to bake french fries covered in their season salt as you can read hereI can’t get enough! Recently I had the opportunity to try Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce.

 Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is exactly what it says all purpose. I have now tried it in many ways like adding it to fresh ground beef mixing it in, making patty’s, and grilling the burgers.  Oh it was so good! I also used it for a dipping sauce for chicken tenders, and I added it to mayonnaise for a sandwich spread as suggested to me by a friend of mine! It was excellent!

My favorite way was using it in meatloaf.  To a bowl add 1 pound of ground beef, grilled diced onions, a diced slice of bread, ½ cup of milk, four tablespoons of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce, mix well then form it into a loaf and add to a baking dish. In a small bowl add ½ cup of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of ketchup and mix well. Take your sauce and pour it over your meat loaf and bake on 350 for 45 minutes! Delicious!

Would you like to try Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce? You are in luck! Country Bob’s is giving away a bottle of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce to two lucky readers! 

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

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*As required by the Federal Trade Commission: The information and two gift packs have been provided by Del Monte to Colie’s Kitchen at no cost to Colie’s Kitchen, nor is Colie’s Kitchen being paid to endorse this product. All that was asked of Colie’s Kitchen was to review the product, and give our honest opinion. Full DisclosurePolicy*

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