Nov 7, 2012

Each year My Husband and I go to the Texas Renaissance Festival for our anniversary, or maybe I should say the first time we go each year is always for our anniversary then we go again on closing day.  We were married right before Halloween so it’s always the Halloween celebration at the Ren. 

We have been so many time I have lost count. Each year it only get’s better and each year I get more and more excited to go. We have the largest Renaissance Festival in the country. 

 I love the shopping, food, and entertainment, and of course you can’t help but love the people watching. The costumes are always incredible, outlandish, and most are in the spirit of the festival. It’s a fun day had by all, and I must say it’s one of my favorite things to do in the fall. We will be going for the last time this fall in a few weeks I can’t wait!!

I think the look on the guys face says it all LOL

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