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As most of you know my family and I are changing the way we eat (you can read more about there here). We have started removing a lot of things from our diet that we consider unhealthy or products that have chemical in them that shouldn’t!

One of our recent changes is removing products like aspartame from our diet. If it says its sugar free it usually isn’t aspartame free. One of my favorite product lines has replaced our need for aspartame it’s called NuNaturals I love NuNaturals Stevia Products so much that I carry the sweetener packets in my purse. If I am out and about and want a glass of ice tea or a cup of coffee I don’t want a pink aspartame packet I want a NuStevia packet!  Check out my zip bag of NuStevia

NuNaturals offers sweeteners, baking ingredients and dietary supplement ingredients that can nutritionally enhance your baked goods, foods, and beverages. These ingredients taste great as well as improve the taste and texture of your recipes. What’s even better is you can go to their website and find a ton of recipes using their products. I love that!! CLICK HERE

NuNaturals has launched a product line of Pure liquid NuStevia in many flavors. I LOVE this product line. You have a choice of:
  • Pure Liquid Chocolate NuStevia (Taste amazing in coffee)
  • Pure Liquid Vanilla NuStevia (Taste amazing in ANYTHING, coffee, water, hot chocolate, and baked goods)
  • Pure Liquid Lemon NuStevia (Ice tea, punch, and Soda (Shhh don’t tell)
  • Pure Liquid Orange NuStevia (FANTASTIC in ice tea!!)
  • Pure Liquid Peppermint!!! NuStevia (Coffee, hot chocolate, baked goods, and in hot tea)

What I love about the Pure liquid NuSteviais the convenience and versatility. It’s nice to have these products on hand. You can use them in anything and let me tell you it only takes a drop or two to get the amazing flavor you are looking for. I love to use each one of the flavors in a different way, using them in hot tea or coffee has proven to be my favorite way.

NuNaturals Stevia products are not only made naturally but they are alcohol free. I must admit I love this because it seems most liquid sweeteners contain alcohol which will give it a burning flavor. You won’t have to worry about that with NuStevia

If you are a diabetic you will find that NuStevia Products will give you the sugar taste you are looking for, but you won’t have to worry about seeing a spike in your blood sugar. My Mom who is a diabetic and she loves these products because she doesn’t have to worry about using extra insulin or seeing a spike in her blood sugar.

I have really become a huge fan of NuStevia products, and when I tell you this it’s in all honesty. My life has changed for the better and finding new products that will help me and not hurt me is a must. I love NuStevia because it gives me the sweet taste I am looking for without the worry! People may look at me weird when I pull a NuStevia packet out of my purse but that’s OK I am the real winner in the end!

Interested in trying NuNaturals products for yourself? Visit www.nunaturals.com   and when you checkout enter the DISCOUNT CODE:  BLG1212 and receive a 15% DISCOUNT off your ENTIRE ORDER. This discount remains  EFFECTIVE UNTIL  DECEMBER 31, 2012 . How great is that!!!

NuNaturals NuStevia
NuNaturals was generous enough to send me some of their fantastic products to try and they would also like to share some with you.  
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I have had to cut out artificial sweeteners for health reasons and I really, really miss my diet Pepsi. I wish there were more products that used these more natural sweeteners. Thanks for the review; I’ll have to try some.