Dec 2, 2012

With the holidays coming up and family coming over I went in search of a cupcake stand. I am planning on making some peppermint cupcakes and I have nothing to display them on the table with. I wanted them to look nice, and decorative. I didn’t want to just stick them on a plate that would be too boring.

I thought it would be an easy find. But it ended up being harder than I thought, or maybe I am just a little too picky? I never would have thought to look at a Hotel Supplies but guess what that’s exactly where I found what I was looking for. PeachSuite Hotel Supply has a great variety of not only cupcake stands but just about anything else you could possible want for you kitchen, and better yet anything you need for entertaining. If you are looking for a Hotel Amenities Supplier then PeachSuites is the place to go.

Not only do they carry any Hotel Supplies need but they also carry products that the average person could use in their kitchens. One of my favorite products to find besides the cupcake stand was a new hand mixer at a great price. I love my Kitchenaid mixer but sometimes it would be nice to have a hand mixer that I can just take out and use and not  have to worry about all the washing.

I am now a happy shopper… one stop shopping for a cupcake stand and a mixer! 

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