Menu Plan Monday 12/10-12/16/12

Last week proved to be just as horrible as I thought it would be. Not only were my finals a nightmare, but life in general was a nightmare too. My laptop caught on fire last week. It wasn’t funny but it was funny if you know what I mean. I have suspected that it was having issues for a few weeks now so I backed everything up on an external hard drive so that I wouldn’t lose anything. Thank God I did that.

My husband and I were about to leave for the night so I closed my laptop then he started talking so I just sat there. Suddenly I saw smoke coming out of the laptop, then when I opened it up I could see the orange glow inside of it. Like I said it wasn’t funny, but it was. I think it proved my husband right… I work on my laptop too much.
The good news is it was old, and everything was saved! The bad news is I have to move everything to a different laptop and of all the times for this to happen… finals week when I need it the most.

This week should prove to be OK after Tuesday! Tuesday I have my last two finals back to back and I am thrilled that I do. I am so burnt out this semester. The end is in sight! It’s just been too much this semester!!

Our menu will be simple this week because I won’t have time for anything but simple. We still haven’t put up our Christmas tree or decorated outside! Heck I still haven’t have time to read last week’s new paper. Here is our menu for the week what’s on your menu?

 Week Day 
 Main Course 
 Side Dish 
Chicken Stew (Final’s tomorrow) Biscuits
Frito Pie Roasted Potatoes
Corn Chowder Fruit Cups
Mushroom Stroganoff Steamed Carrots (Left over) Roasted Potatoes)
King Ranch Chicken Spanish Rice
Baked Spaghetti (using left over sauce) Green Beans
Tacos  (Left over) Spanish Rice

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