Dec 19, 2012

When we first purchased our Christmas tree this year I was a bit unhappy because I have never paid that much for a tree. Seriously people when did the price of trees go through the roof? When we got it home I was even more annoyed because once we set it up I realized it was shaped wrong and it looks crooked.

Although in the picture it looks crooked like we set it up that way, it’s not, it was shaped wrong. I then realized when I was looking for the biggest tree they had I neglected to think of the height of our living room and the angel that still needed to go on top of the tree. Opps! Over kill! No angel this year instead we have a super tacky star that we got at the dollar store years ago as a joke decoration. This year the joke is on us because It is the only thing we could find that would fit.

I was annoyed all the way around with this tree until it was all set up, lights, ornaments, candy canes, oh yes and the infamous star.  Then I realized that despite the flaws, despite the price, and despite everything else, it was the most beautiful tree Kevin and I have ever had. It’s just beautiful and it smells incredible! Now that my cold is gone I can actually smell it.

Oh Tannenbaum thank you for being one more thing I am thankful for this year!

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