Swiffer Cleaning Pad Alternative

Having wood laminate floor was a must when we moved into our house. I thought it was going to be the greatest thing as opposed to carpet throughout the house.
It took me about one week to decide that maybe carpet wasn’t so bad after all. You vacuum it and you are done. Wood laminate flooring is a whole other story when you have pets.

I can vacuum today and tomorrow it will look like cat fur tumble weeds throughout my house.  To help with the mess I bought a Shark Steam Mop that I absolutely love. It does a great job of cleaning and steaming the floor, but it doesn’t pick up the cat fur it simply moves it around, but this time its wet. I also bought a little stick vacuum that does a great job of picking up the fur. I couldn’t be happier with the two choices… OR could I???

Recently a reader wrote in asking me if I had tried to make my own Swiffer Mop refills. Janelle said that all you have to do is simple find an old sock, turn it inside out, attach it to your Swiffer Mop and let the fun begin. I had two initial thoughts, one… I don’t own a Swiffer mop and two…  WHATEVER there is no way that works? That’s just too easy, too simple, and too inexpensive!

I decided to take her Swiffer advice, but try it on my Shark Steam Mop. I just wouldn’t plug it in. A Shark Swiffer in a sense. I took a sock that I hate to wear because it’s too hot, turned it inside out, took the pad off the Shark, and stuck the Shark pad holder in the sock. Here goes… nothing, so I thought!

I was walking around the living room, talking to my husband, pushing the Shark along the floor not really paying attention to what I was doing. Twice my husband told me that the mop wasn’t plugged in. He just didn’t get it. After we were done talking I decided to flip the mop around and see what the results were. I was stunned! I couldn’t believe how much fur, dander, dirt, and dust was on the sock. How is that possible? I had just vacuumed the floor the day before. The day before!! What the %*##%*$#*

I owe Janelle an apology for doubting her, and I owe her a thank you for saving me a ton of time and money! This little annoying sock worked like a dusting charm! I can’t begin to tell you how much time this has saved me, and how much dust and cat hair has been removed from my floor… Genius!

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