Getting To Know ME!

I am taking a lead from my friend Keeley and sharing 50 things you probably don’t know about me. It’s 2013 so why not get to know each other better. 

I would love to know about you so please feel free to share your link or share anything there is to know about you! I must admit this was harder than I thought it would be. I had no idea it would be so hard.

  1. My favorite fruits are pineapple and lime. I love the smell of both!
  2. My favorite kitchen products are from OXO and Kitchen Aid
  3. I collect Monster High Dolls but only special ones!
  4. I am severely allergic to eggplant
  5. My favorite vacation was scuba diving with manatees
  6. My first car was a 1978 Ford Station Wagon … ick!
  7. I love stuffed toys I have more stuffed toys than I have friends
  8. My favorite movie is Toy Story
  9. I like to collect alligator themed stuff because it reminds me of my Dad
  10. I want to love to workout
  11. There is a rock wall I want to conquer
  12. I go to the University of Houston
  13. I hate to wash dishes
  14. I kill off a laptop every two years because I use them so much
  15. I like to sleep with a fan on for the noise
  16. I love Yankee Candles
  17. I am a wanna-be photographer that will never be lol
  18. My Mom is a commercial artist but I can’t drawl
  19. I have yellowish green eyes (like a cat)
  20. I don’t mind washing clothes, or cleaning I just hate to put folded clothes away and take out the trash
  21. I miss my Dad
  22. I never wanted to get married, but I am happy I did
  23. I love Cajun Food
  24. I am half Cajun
  25. My First Cat was named Clyde after Clyde Drexler
  26. I love hockey, but hate basketball and Love Hakeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming
  27. I think Spiderman is cool
  28. I don’t care for birds
  29. I have a cat named Pig
  30. My favorite desserts are cheesecake and cinnamon rolls
  31. I hate to look in the mirrow
  32. I love makeup and buy way too much
  33. I love Christmas Trees and Pumpkins
  34. I have a red Kitchen Aid Mixer
  35. My favorite TV shows are Mike and Molly, The Middle, CSI NY, and Big Band Theory
  36. I prefer old school TV like I love Lucy, Three’s Company, Munsters, Addams Family and such
  37. I love road trips to New Orleans
  38. Scooby Doo Rules
  39. I miss my Blackberry, but love my Android
  40. I lost two gift cards in the month of December
  41. I love glitter
  42. I am Pinterest obsessed
  43. My best friend lives 550 miles from me
  44. I have only flied Continental Airlines
  45. I went ice skating for the first time last March I didn’t fall
  46. I am part Cajun/French, German, Irish, and Choctaw Indian
  47. I LOVE Mexican food
  48. I love jeans and t-shirts
  49. I am obsessed with rings
  50. I hate to wear shoes, but I love to buy them

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Okay, so we have a lot more in common than I knew until this post!

Limes & Pineapple are my go to fruit. Hubby and I always order water with lime when we eat out.

And there are lots more, but I might do this on my blog since I’ve had new followers and it look challenging/fun! Thanks for sharing.