Jan 8, 2013

You know losing weight could be easier than I thought considering I didn’t have time to eat much today. This is what happens when you are trying to accomplish a lot in a week because school starts back next week. The bad thing is life becomes a whirlwind again.

In some weird and psychotic way I am looking forward to school starting again. I don’t know why I guess because it’s just the norm for me now. Then I will feel like life is back to normal and we can move on from the holidays and vacation and so on…

Although this week is kind of a watch what you are eating low impact exercise week next week will be a much more productive week on the weight loss front. At school we have an incredible gym I will be utilizing as normal. Hey if you are paying for it you better use it right? I am looking forward to my workouts as usual. My new goal is to try yoga so that will be fun and interesting.

As I stated above I didn’t have a lot of time budgeted for eating today so it wasn’t a bad day in the food world. I missed breakfast, and had a potato for lunch. For dinner I had  sandwich and some potatoes. One thing I had way too much of was diet soda!

Why is it so hard to walk away from soda? In 2000 I stopped drinking the sugared up soda for good, but for some reason now I can’t walk away from diet soda. I am thinking about making a bit pitcher of ice tea to see if that will help me back off the soda. I can’t help but believe it will certainly help.

I hope everyone who has been emailing me about their journey this week is doing well too. Hit me up if you need help from jumping… into a cake or a pan of cookies!

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Although I think the Biggest Loser is a bit extreme when it comes to weight loss I always find it exciting to see how much weight each person loses. I also find it very exciting to see if they can keep the weight off. That is always the tough part isn't it?

If you need some weight loss inspiration check out these Biggest Loser weight loss pictures. They are mind blowing and extreme weight loss pictures from Biggest Loser contestants. 

Wouldn't be fun to lose all the weight without all the work hahahaha! I guess there would be no reward in that!

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