Protect your Touchscreen with an OtterBox @otterbox

If you have kids and you have a smartphone you know your smartphone is always in danger, and so is your iPod, tablet and so on…  Every kid loves to pick them up and play games on them. I can’t say I would have been any different if I had been a kid when touchscreens became relevant.
I never worry about a kid playing with my touchscreen devices, until they decide to start walking around with them or decide to eat and drink around them. Oh My! My heart starts racing!
Just a few days ago I gave one of our extra Smartphones to a friend of mine. Her son dropped hers in the mall parking lot and shattered the screen. The smartphone provider wanted $400 to replace the phone. YIKES! She couldn’t justify spending that much to replace the phone. I can’t say I blame her!
Touchscreen devices are too expensive to damage. That is a huge fear of mine! I don’t want to have to pay for them twice or in some cases more than twice. If you don’t want to replace them you have to protect them.
Recently was given the opportunity to get an OtterBoxfor my iPod to prevent one of those mishaps from happening to me. After much anticipation I am excited to report my OtterBox is here and I LOVE IT!  

I was thrilled to get it for so many reasons. One I don’t have to be as concerned about the princess walking around with my iPod, and I don’t have to be as concerned about my own clumsiness either. I use my iPod all the time! I have it on while I am walking around campus, cleaning the kitchen, and most of all while working out at the gym. I love it, and I paid a small fortune for it so I don’t want it damaged.
That’s the beauty of an OtterBox! They are tough and offer your touch screen electronics and smartphones the maximum protection. If you drop them the OtterBox takes the brunt of the impact and your touchscreen item is protected.

There are so many things I love about the OtterBox like the fact that my iPod stays shiny and unscratched, and I love that the OtterBox is slender and can slide easily in and out of my pocket… that’s a MUST for me. I didn’t want anything bulky or cumbersome. The OtterBox fit the bill for me.
Do you have an OtterBox? What are your thoughts? Visit to check out their selection. My next OtterBox will be for my Samsung Galaxey Tab 2. I can’t wait to get it.

Visti OtterBox:

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