Menu Plan Monday 2/25-3/3/12

I cannot believe I just typed in 3 as in when this menu plan is over we are in the month of March! YIKES! Where have the last two months gone too? I am not ready for January much less March!

Wednesday will be our second week of Lent and that means we have been meatless for two weeks now. Whose idea was it again for my family and I to give up meat for 6 weeks? LOL no worries we are doing great! The biggest heartache was ordering two things and Taco Bell yesterday having no idea they had meat in them (I was looking at the pictures) and ended up throwing them both away! That’s heartbreaking and a waste, but my fault for not asking!

I hope everyone’s week has started off smoothly. My weekend was such a nightmare than I looked forward to Monday … how sad is that? I had too many tests, too much homework, and way too much catching up to do. Yes, I am happy it’s Monday! Now I can relax until Tuesday, then it’s time to study for Thursdays test!
It has taken me too many hours to come up with our menu plan for the week, but it’s finally done and on the books.

I hope your week goes well and so does your menu!

 Week Day 
 Main Course 
 Side Dish 
Cheese and Corn Enchilada Casserole Salad
Grilled Gouda Avacado Sandwiches  Fries
Chef Salads with Creamy Balsamic
Samosas  Roasted Carrots Bhindi Masala
Corn and Black Bean Quesadillas Cuban Black Beans
Out For The Night
Two Bean Tacos Spanish Rice

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