Feb 27, 2013

Please forgive the finger prints on the netbook

Recently my laptop caught on fire. Yep on fire! It wasn’t funny,  yet it was hilarious, I suppose you had to be there! I was sitting on the floor talking to my husband when all the sudden I realized that the keyboard on my laptop was glowing orange!! Needless to say that was the end of my laptop. It burnt the inside to a crisp! Don’t get me wrong it had seen better days, and I got the money I paid for it out of it and more.

I heard a laptop was coming out that had one trilobite of memory on it so instead of buying a new laptop right away I decided to wait for the one I wanted to come out, but that wasn’t going to be for three months! No problem I would wait!

In the mean time I was using my netbook that I take to school every day. I have this for school because our desk are very small and there really isn’t enough room for a full laptop. It’s been an adjustment use the tiny netbook day to day because it’s so small.
I recently got my new laptop in the mail and it’s so big compared to the little netbook that it almost makes me want to puke using the new one. You wouldn’t think 5 inches could make such a difference but it really does!

 I have gotten so accustom to everything being so small in 10 inches that going up to 15 inches has been a test. So far I love it and I am starting to adapt…. All in good time right?

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