One Year Ago We Parted Ways….

One year ago my husband and I had just gotten back from vacation and were feeling no joy in the idea of cooking. We were out running around getting some shopping down when we decided to stop and grab a burger for lunch.

We stopped into a new McDonald’s outside of our neighborhood. I ordered an Angus burger or some sort with fries and a drink and so did he. I had taken a bite of the burger then another then another. Suddenly I realized if I took one more bite the burger would be back in the wrapper in came in. I couldn’t force myself to eat one more bite. It was at that moment I knew I could NEVER eat another McDonald’s burger. I couldn’t even stomach the idea.
Their burgers have a bad rap for so many reasons, none of which I am going to get into because most should be obvious, but I regardless of my reason… they are just simple unhealthy. It was from that moment on that I knew I would never put another McDonald’s burger to my mouth, and I haven’t in a year.
I know it’s silly milestone but for me it’s huge! I remember one summer a few year ago eating there almost daily. Ugh! I had never even been into a McDonald’s until I was a teenager my parents didn’t eat there which meant either did I. I guess we should listen to our parents more often huh?
Happy Anniversary to me! Is there any fast food that you refuse to eat, or food in general you refuse to eat?

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