Jun 18, 2013

  • 6 ounces frozen berries (I used blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)
  • 16 ounces  container lite cool whip 
  • 2 packets of stevia (optional)
  • 14-3 ounce Dixie Cups
  • 14-sticks or plastic spoons
  1. If your berries are frozen defrost them in a microwave for 30 seconds then add stevia to the berries. Using a fork smash the berries just until they are starting to break up and get juicy.
  2. Add berries to the cool whip and mix well. Keep mixing and get in there deep to make sure that everything is evenly coated.
  3. To each Dixie cup add 3 tbsp. of mixture filling from bottom to top.  Because I was trying to keep the calorie count on these I measured each cup with exactly 3 tbsp. of filling. 
  4. You should be able to get about pops out of the mixture. Next add a popsicle to each cup and freeze over night. I used plastic knives or plastic spoons instead of popsicle sticks then I can wash and reuse. 

Number of Servings: 14
Nutritional Information:
  • 76 calories per serving
  • 12 carbs 
  • 4 grams of fat 
  • 0 protein
  • 4 sugar
*Nutritional information found on www.myfitnesspal.com this information will vary based on the products you use.*

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