Jul 11, 2013

Obviously there is no science to these mashed potatoes but I have to admit I just love them. Chili’s has the best loaded mashed potatoes I have ever had. They are so good and so creamy and loaded full of ooey gooey goodness.

Here is my rendition of this wonderful pillow of potato fluff.  Take about 2 pounds of potatoes, wash, peeled, sliced, then boiled. Once they are cooked add some salted butter, and sour cream to taste.

Now to the good part: Add a large spoon full of mashed potatoes to your plate,  make a well in the middle of the potatoes (halfway hollow it out) add a generous amount of cheddar cheese, and bacon bits, then top with green onions (missing from the picture) then a little salt and pepper to top it all off. Delicious! 

Like I said no science involved here! Just simple and delicious!

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