Aug 17, 2013

I made an amazing Coca Cola Brisket last week. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined. One of the things I did with the brisket was I made brisket tacos. I never really thought about a brisket taco until a few weeks ago when I was at a restaurant that had them on the menu.

Brilliant! What a great way to use up some leftover brisket. I hate when food goes to waste, but yet I had the same old left overs. With that in mind why not take the brisket we already had left over and turn it into brisket tacos? Might I say … repurposing!

My brisket already had bell pepper and onion in them so I didn’t have to add any extra veggies. I paired the brisket meat with anything and everything you might normally have on a taco. We used flour tortillas, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and tomato. Topping off the brisket with veggies was a huge hit. The entire family devoured the brisket leaving none left… not even a single drop.

I may not like leftovers but I am more than happy to call it a fancy name like repurposing food!

What leftovers do you like to repurpose?

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