Aug 4, 2013

With school starting back I am in desperate need of getting organized. I think half my problems the last two semesters was just being disorganized and well… lazy…
I tend to put everything off until the last minute even though I have had months to plan… yes… that is my illness lol.

OK so making this awesome calendar will change my laziness but it will help me to see all the things I am falling behind in and well then maybe at some point I can catch up.

I always fall behind, but nothing is ever late because that’s a pet peeve of mine. I don’t care if you fall behind as long as you are there at the finish line on time.
Here is an awesome blog post that I have to recommend. I saw this on Pinterest and had to share. It’s a homemade dry erase calendar that you can place in a binder. It’s simple!

Ursula has provided you with a pdf. file that you download, print, and then laminate. If you don’t have a laminator you can take your sheets to most office supply stores and they will laminate your sheets for a small price.

What’s great is the calendar is super versatile. If you are not someone who plans far in advance you could get away with just printing two sheets which equals one month. Keep in mind this is a dry erase calendar so at the end of the month you simplify erase and start over.

This calendar would also make a really super awesome menu plan calendar that you could hang on your refrigerator on the wall in your kitchen. I love this idea!

Visit Handmade by Carmona for a wonderful step by step tutorial. She has not only done a great job of explain how to do it but she has also adding some fun and cute ideas to make your calendar personalized! 

Love it!

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