Menu Plan Monday 9/15-9/22/2013

Last week was not an ordinary week so we didn’t get to a lot of things on our menu. The positive that did come out of last week was we decided that we are not eating out as much as by cutting down on our fast food budget we would be able to use that money in other places and in better ways.

This week’s menu is going to be a combination of the things we missed last week and a few quick and easy meals for heavy school days.

Here is our menu for the week. What’s on your menu?

 Week Day 
 Main Course 
 Side Dish 
Meatloaf steamed carrots Mashed Potatoes
Vegetable Chowder Grilled Cheese
Spaghetti (Jarred) Side Salad
BBQ Baked Potatoes
Tacos Refried Beans
Pizza (Frozen) Side Salad
Beef and Broccoli Vegetable Stir Fry

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