Jan 25, 2014

Is it possible to make your own confectioners’ sugar? You bet your hot cross buns you can! I got in a pinch the other day when I realized we didn’t have any powdered sugar and I needed it right away. I remembered seeing online that you could easily make your own just using granulated sugar and a blender. 

Was it just that easy? YES! Just take some sugar, maybe one cup at a time, and blend. You keep adding more sugar as needed. I have to stress that it has to blend a long time to get the smooth texture all the way around. I noticed that my blender was getting super-hot by the end of the process. 

I would probably never make this again unless I was in a pinch. Sadly it’s just as easy to buy it as it is to make your own, but it sure is nice to know you can if you need it. Also, it didn’t seem to matter how long I blended the sugar I could never get it perfectly smooth. Most of it was smooth, but not all. 

So what did that mean for me? My chocolate frosting was grainy and ruined! Ugh! I was disappointed but it was fun seeing the results. I am sure if you waited long enough your sugar would be perfect!

  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Corn starch
  1. Blend well in a blender until a nice smooth powder forms. 
  2. Check for graininess and keep blending if needed.

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