Feb 15, 2014

One of my very favorite low calories snacks is frozen, Cuties, Halos, Clementine’s, Tangerines, or whatever you want to call them. They are delicious. I remove the peel, separate the segments, place them on a cookie sheet or a jelly roll pan, and stick them in the freezer. Once the segments are frozen place them in a large zip bag and return to the freezer. In my freezer they are frozen in about an hour.

I like to call this a grab and go snack! I keep a stack of Dixie Cups next to the freezer and when I am craving something bad for me I grab a cup, and fill it up with fruit segments.

This is a super delicious snack that if you didn’t know better makes you think you are eating something bad for you when in fact you are eating something super healthy.

Quick, easy, delicious, sweet, frozen, and low calorie! They even make a great side to go along with your lunch!

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