Jul 24, 2014

I have to tell you that this recipe is amazing especially if you are trying to watch your calorie intake! It’s just amazing!! It’s super sweet! I haven’t had anything this sweet in a long time so it was a total shock to my system. Although these little pies are just that “little” they come with a big punch and you certainly get a nice treat for you calorie buck so to speak.

This can easily be made into one big pan for a large pie but I want this to be more precise with the calories so that I wasn’t being charged even an extra calorie for something I wasn’t eating or even worse not being charged for that calorie but eating it anyway. I know it’s petty but when you are watching your calories you know they add up.

I will caution you that if you are making these you will want to weigh everything and divide it by 9 to make sure everything comes out exactly the same. I did this for all 9 pies. I know it’s anal but for me it was worth the extra steps.

I will caution you though, this is a messy finger licking job but oh wow will your fingers taste amazing!!

  • 1 small box Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Dry  
  • 8 ounces Fat Free Cool Whip
  • 2 Reese’s Peanut Butter (big cups)
  • 4-1/2 Sheets Chocolate Graham Crackers
  • 3 tbsp. PB2 + 2 tbsp. water
  • 3 tbsp. Chocolate Syrup
  1. Break each sheet of graham crackers into two pieces each pieces should consist of two crackers. You should end up with 9 pieces total, then set aside
  2. To the container of thawed fat free cool whip add dry chocolate pudding and mix well until smooth then set aside. You might add a little of the pudding at a time to make sure you get it all in there without making a mess.
  3. In a small bowl mix dry PB2 with 2 tbsp. of water, mix until smooth, then set aside. If the PB2 isn’t thin enough to drizzle add a little more water
  4. Take the two peanut butter cups and coarsely chop them into small pieces then set aside
  5. To each graham cracker spread on 1/9 of chocolate cool whip approximately 25 grams of cool whip. Pack it on nicely and evenly. 
  6. Once all 9 graham crackers have chocolate cool whip on them sprinkle each graham cracker evenly with peanut butter cup pieces. With a fork or a spoon lightly press the peanut butter cup pieces into the chocolate cool whip just enough so that the peanut butter cup pieces stay in place.
  7. Next take 1 teaspoon of the liquid PB2 and drizzle it over each cool whip filled graham cracker then do the same thing with the chocolate syrup only using 1 teaspoon of chocolate per graham cracker. Then freeze for at least 2 hours.
*anything with a zero is not necessarily a zero we do not have those numbers available to us.

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