Nov 13, 2014

I have grown up on fried wiener sandwiches! They are probably one of my most favorite things to eat. They are total comfort food for me. I think it’s probably one of the most redneck things I love to eat. 

Today when I eat them I eat them much more lightened up. Instead of full fat wieners I use lean, and instead of regular bread I use a light bread. My fried wiener sandwiches are no more than 240 calories and I love them. I think they are the best. These and fried bologna are two things that would get my best friend to the house as fast as her legs would move when we were kids, oh yeah and my mom’s queso!

  • 2 lean wieners
  • 2 slices of white bread
  • Mustard to taste
  1. Slice each wiener half way through the wiener but not all the way and place each wiener on the frying pan flat. Slowly fry your wiener. You don’t want to cook them too fast or they will burn before they are heated through. You want them to get nice and dark but not burnt. The dark wiener is what will give your sandwich added flavor. 
  2. Once you reach a dark crispiness. While your wieners are cooking slather mustard on your bread. You will want to cover your bread evenly so that every bite has mustard. You won’t want to substitute anything but mustard on your bread. The tangy mustard pairs perfectly with the wiener. 
  3. Then place each wiener on the bread and top with the other slice of bread. Cut your fried wiener sandwich in half if you desire.

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