Happy New Year!!! Welcome #2015


It’s hard to believe it’s officially 2015! 2014 was probably the fastest year in many years for me. I am not sad to see it go!

I think if I had to give 2014 a name it would be the year that I learned a lot of lessons. This year was easier than a lot of years have been so I can easily say 2014 was a pretty good year. Nothing too traumatic happened. Thank you Jesus! No seriously thank YOU

What life taught me in 2014:

  • The generic version of Aveeno Positively radiant isn’t as good as the real deal it’s worth the extra few bucks!
  • Walking away from social media for at least one weekend a month is therapeutic!
  • A good vacuum is a must
  • Blood is thicker than BS
  • Moving from Blogger to WordPress is stressful and a lot of work, but worth it!!
  • Sometimes when people come back into your life you realize they should have stayed where they were.
  • Time does not heal all wounds
  • Getting more weight off is a must
  • I am terribly allergic to aspartame
  • Alzheimer’s and Cancer Suck… I didn’t learn this in 2014 but they have impacted my family in 2014 (Please donate if you can!!)
  • Laugh at Fake People the joke really is on them….
  • Some “friends” are best left in 2014
  • Sharing any little thing you can with those is need is really rewarding
  • Get to know people outside of your comfort zone. It’s awesome!
  • It’s OK to be sad sometimes …. Tomorrow really is a new day!
  • Try something new and something that makes you feel uncomfortable it’s a great experience
  • Change isn’t always a bad thing
  • Losing weight is easy… keeping it off is super hard
  • Colie’s Kitchen has the best readers
  • My friend Lindsay is going to ROCK 2015 …I am so happy for her
  • Prayer really is the real deal and many MANY of my prayers were answered in 2014!
  • I am blessed beyond what I think I deserve! 🙂

Here to an amazingly awesome 2015!!!! I love you guys!!