Menu Plan Monday August 10-16, 2015


Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. In all honesty our weekend was spent in the house. It was way too hot to go outside. Most of the weekend the temp was at least 102. That’s too hot for this girl! My husband and I ventured out about 10pm on Saturday night to pick up a few things. It was still about 95 degrees. That’s just too hot!

This week already has a full calendar for us and yes still hot temps! We will be eating lighter and cooler! I am not heating up the house for anyone. Oh yeah I forgot to mention our AC went out on Friday night. Talk about brutal! Ugh! The house was like a wind tunnel because we had so many fans going at the same time. 7 to be exact!

I am praying for a super good week for our family! We certainly need a good week. This has not been the easiest summer for us. God has good thing in store for us I know it! I hope you are all doing well. If you have your menu plans ready I would love for you to share!

Menu Plan Main Course Vegetables Side Dish
Monday  Hot dogs  Chips
Tuesday  Chef Salads
Wednesday  Marinated Chicken Breast Cauliflower Pancakes
Thursday  Brine Pickle Chicken  Bacon Okra  Mac-n-cheese
Friday  Grilled Cheese   Soup
Saturday  Chalupas  Mexican Corn  Spanish Rice
Sunday  Chicken Fajita Meat  Guacamole  Left over Spanish Rice
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Terri C

Sorry to hear about your AC. Hope it’s fixed soon! Has been a really unlucky summer for my family also. Prayers for you and yours.

Nicole Sherman

Thank you so much Terri!! Prayers have been needed. We are very blessed to have AC again and let me tell you we appreciate it so much! I knew when our light bill came in this month something was going on. Thanks again

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