Pinterest Fun Friday: Re-Healing (Fixing) Your Cosmetics


Every Friday I like to highlight one of my favorite Pinterest finds of the week. This post not only allows me to spotlight some really awesome and crafty ideas but it allows you to see a few Pins you might not have seen this week.  –

I spend way too many minutes’ hours in the day pinning on Pinterest. Now if I could only find the time to make all of these wonderful things I pin! Wouldn’t that be great?

Let’s Get Pinning!

This week I chose to find a simple solution to a multitude of blush palettes I had that were too little to use but the frugal side of my said it was too much to waste. Apparently I have had that idea for a while now because it wasn’t until the other day that I opened up my storage makeup bag only to find that I had three blush palettes that were waiting to be used up or thrown away. 

2015-08-10 09.11.24

I remembered seeing on Pinterest that you could add them all to one palette and re-heal the blush back together. This was a perfect opportunity for me to try this genius idea to see if it actually worked. What did I have to lose anyway? I was just going to throw this blush away so why not give it a try. (OK so you know I wasn’t going to throw it away, but let’s pretend) Guess what? It works like a charm.

2015-08-10 09.11.24

If I don’t use Clinique blush you will find me using a blush by Cover Girl it’s honestly my favorite blush. I don’t care that it’s cheap or not an expensive brand. I care that it’s the perfect shade for me. I haven’t found one yet that is better. Needless to say I go through a lot of this blush so when I found three palettes that were in need of tossing or fixing. I decided to get fixing.

2015-08-10 09.15.14

To my surprise this idea of healing your cosmetics works beautifully! I mean seriously it works perfect and in just a matter of seconds. I didn’t even take the time to get a knife or spoon to mix the blush I just used a Q-tip. After all I was in the bathroom and it was a spur of the moment idea so the Q-tip worked.

2015-08-10 09.18.13

What you need:

  • Blush, powder, or eye shadow
  • Alcohol
  • Q-tips


  1. Take the remaining product out of each palette and add it to the one you plan on keeping.
  2. To the blush add a few drops of alcohol. Don’t add too much. Start with a few drops then you can always add more if you need to. Once a few drops have been added use a Q-tip, knife, or spoon to start mixing the product together.
  3. As needed add a few more drops of alcohol until your product is well combined. It should be a thick paste.
  4. Flatten the product the best you can. I left mine a bit lumpy in hopes that you could see it a little better in the picture. I didn’t think it really mattered anyway.
  5. Next allow the product to remain open and dry for at least 12 hours. This will help it heal and it will also allow the alcohol smell to subside.  Once everything is dry you can use it right away!

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