Silhouette Sunday: Holiday Gift Boxes

I have a few Christmas gifts that I have already bought for some family members. I decided instead of spending extra money on boxes that are just going to be thrown away I would make my own gift boxes using the Silhouette machine. To stay ahead on the gift wrapping I decided to go ahead and make the boxes up.
I visited the Silhouette store and found this adorable Christmas Tree box. Aren’t they cute?
In just a matter of minutes and a little glue I made these boxes that are just the right size for the earrings and necklaces I purchased.
I added a little tissue paper and I stuck a gift take on them, and now they are residing in a bag at the top of my closet. Hum I sure hope I can find them when I go looking for them again.
Have you tried making your own gift boxes? Did you have any luck? I love the idea of making my own boxes and love how cute they turned out!!

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Silhouette Sunday: Bridal Shower Party Favors

I am co-hosting a bridal shower in a few weeks. The other host and I have been trying to come up with shower favor ideas. We want to give each guest a little something to take home with them just as a thank you for their attendance at the bridal shower.

The wedding will be a destination wedding so for most people (including myself and the other host) this will be our only way of being part of the wedding. The wedding colors are purple and silver so both of those colors were what we wanted to work with.

We went to a local card store in hopes of ordering some really cute favor boxes that we could fill with something like jordon almonds or even chocolates.

It didn’t take long at the card store to realize that ordering 25 small favor boxes would quickly blow our bridal shower budget. After decorations, food and drinks we were on a tight budget. The cost of 25 boxes was going to be around $50 plus the price of the printing ink, and shipping, plus a flat setup fee. WOW-ZERS!! Yep that would have sent us over our budget.

After looking at the favor boxes it hit me! Why not see if I could find favor boxes on the Silhouette online store. BINGO! We agreed on this cute little box. We bought some purple card stock and we are filling the boxes with Hershey kisses to incorporate the silver.  How cute is that?

Our original price at the card store was going to be at least $60.00! Yikes! With a little playing around on Silhouette online store we made our own bridal shower favor boxes for under $20.00!
How cute are they?

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Silhouette Thanksgiving Ideas! @silhouetteam

I know I am jumping the gun a bit, but I am already thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and how I want to decorate the house. Taking down the Halloween decorations will be so sad if we don’t have something to go up before all the Christmas decorations go up. I hate the transition time between holidays. The house always looks naked.

I have decided that one of the many things I would like to do it make a Thanksgiving themed garland to hang over my dining room table. Not only will it make a nice decoration leading up to Thanksgiving, but it will also look wonderful while everyone is eating Thanksgiving dinner around the dinner table.

I have been using the Silhouette machine to make small leaves out of card paper check them out. Aren’t they cute? When I get the garland made and hung up I will post pictures of it. This afternoon I will be heading to the hobby store to find some ribbon to attach all the leave to. I have no doubt it will turn out cute!

I also made this cute little Thanksgiving box. I am thinking about placing one at each persons dinner place setting with nuts, or candy, or something else in it as a take home and a thank you for coming. What do you think? Cute huh!

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Silhouette Halloween Luminary @silhouetteam

Since school started up again I haven’t had as much time to use my Silhouette SD Digital Cutter as I would like to. I have finally figured out how to budget time for myself so now my Silhouette is up and running again.

My Silhouette machine is old compared to the wonderful new one’s Silhouette now has to offer, but for now while I am saving my pennies for a new one I am using my SD for all the fun crafts I have planned for the holidays.

I love Halloween as most of you found out yesterday if you saw this week’s Wordless Wednesday. I decided last night that during my free time I would make a Halloween Luminary.

I must admit it turned out precious! I honestly screamed with it was done and all lit up. Even my husband was proud lol. Too bad it wasn’t my idea, but just a template from Silhouette.

So how do you make this precious little luminary? It’s simple!

First you have to purchase the luminary from the Silhouette online store for .99 cents,(Psst. right now they are on sale!! .75 cents each wahoo!!) then download it to your Silhouette software, and in just a matter of minutes you are ready to go!

Once your template is ready to go load your paper (orange or black) on to your cutting mat and begin cutting.

I actually made two luminaries one with a black front and one with an orange front. The reason I did this was so that I wasn’t wasting any paper since you need two colors. It actually worked out perfect!

Once your luminaries are cut, simply remove the pieces from the cutting mat and with some basic school glue begin to glue your front piece to your back pieces or vice versa whichever way you want to look at it.

Once your pieces are glued together and dry you have a super cute Halloween luminary that takes less than 30 minutes to make! It would even look cute as a fold out standing decoration. 

I used a battery operated candle for my luminary because I didn’t think a paper luminary and a burning candle would be my best option :0) I have cats and they love candles! The battery operated candle actually worked out great as you can see at the bottom.

Who needs store bought decorations when you can make your own? I love how this turned out. It’s cute, and simple and was fun to make! I hope you all give it a try! I have no doubt you will love it as much as I did! Send us your link to all of your Silhouette Projects we would love to see what you are making!

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