Not So … Wordless Wednesday: Vitamix Invasion!


I was super exited to get my Vitamix in the mail. I purchased it with some of my Christmas bonus so that some of my bonus was actually spent on me… On Me? Can you imagine? I know right! I never spend money on me so it’s a nice treat!

I had no idea this blender would be so huge. I was excite it got here but when I pulled it out of the box I thought “OH crap!” It’s huge … BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t still love you Vitamix.

Anyway I wanted to show everyone my Vitamix. I am super excited to have it but in all honesty I still haven’t found a permanent place for it. Yes I still have Christmas lights around the house. I love them and they make me happy. Don’t judge me lol or my messy house hahah! Happy Not So … Wordless Wednesday!!